Are you the parent of a child with special needs and looking for a creative way to help your child make therapeutic and educational gains?

Are you caring for an aging parent and want to help them to improve their quality of life and remain socially connected?

Are you a teacher or administrator and wish there was a better way to integrate music into your program?

We’re glad that you’ve connected with us here!

Our mission at Connecticut Music Therapy Services, LLC is to provide quality home, school and community-based music therapy services to individuals and groups with special needs throughout Connecticut.  Simply stated, we want to help you and your loved ones improve your lives and maximize your potential- this means different things for different clients, however the therapeutic modality we employ is music, and all of it’s inherent sounds, structures, emotions and possibilities.

Are you looking for a creative modality to help transform the life of a child, adult, or older adult?  We would like to help!

Are you looking to provide music therapy as part of a program that you already have in place?  We would like to help that too!

Need help on where to start?  Schedule a complementary Q+A Intro Session!

We are happy to introduce our new Creative Communication and Connections Program.  You can learn more about it by clicking here.

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