Individual sessions, group sessions, assessments, & more!

What is Music Therapy?

Music therapy is an interpersonal process in which the therapist uses music and all of its facets – physical,emotional, mental, social, cultural, aesthetic and spiritual to help people improve or maintain their health. We make music together in a safe and motivating environment. Through this process, strengths that may go unseen are revealed and our therapists help our clients understand these strengths. Music is used to connect with clients, reveal possibilities and make their lives better.


What is a Music Therapist?

Music therapists are individuals who have completed a 4-year degree in music therapy or the equivalent, a 6-9 month AMTA-approved internship, and have passed the Board Certification Exam in Music Therapy to receive the credential MTBC. Continuing education is required to maintain the MT-BC credential. Many music therapists continue on to receive masters degrees or advanced trainings in music therapy or in related fields. Learn the background of our staff here.


Our services include:

  • Music Therapy For People With Special Needs

Music is inherently structured and it provides ample opportunities for open-ended, independent, interactive, creative, and successful participation. Because of this, music therapy is used to help individuals of all ages with special needs to work on communication skills, fine and gross motor coordination, sensory processing, cognitive/academic skills, self-help skills, social skills and emotional wellbeing.

Each individual is assessed by the music therapist to determine specific areas of need and goals and objectives. Musical experiences (i.e. learning songs, songwriting, instrument playing, creative movement, etc.) are then designed to specifically address each of these areas of need with a focus on the musical styles, songs and experiences that they prefer. No previous musical training or skill is necessary to participate in music therapy. The client is always central to the music, experiences and pacing of the sessions.

  • Assessments

We provide assessment services that evaluate if music therapy can be of benefit to your child who currently has an IEP in the school setting. Our therapists are able to act as independent evaluators using the Special†Education†Music†Therapy†Assessment†Handbook (or SEMTAP), a music therapy specific assessment tool.

  • Music Therapy For Older Adults

Drawing on a wealth of research and clinical practice, music therapy services have been proven beneficial for older adults both well and disabled. Music therapy sessions are specifically designed to reach individual, and/or small group goals based on the specific needs of the client or group.

● Memory recall which contributes to reminiscence and satisfaction with life

● Positive changes in mood and emotional states

● Increased sense of control over life through successful experiences

● Awareness of self, others, and environment which accompanies increased attention to music

● Anxiety and stress reduction for both the older adult and caregivers

● Non-pharmacological management of pain and discomfort

● Stimulation which may provoke interest and awareness

● Structure which provides rhythmic and continuous movement or vocal fluency as an adjunct to physical rehabilitation

● Emotional intimacy when spouses and families share creative music experiences

● Social interaction with caregivers and families

  • Early Childhood Program

Newborns, toddlers, preschoolers and their siblings learn priceless socialization skills as they explore music. These group sessions get the whole family to move, laugh, and play in a fun, goal oriented, learning environment. Classes are offered in the summer. Join our newsletter for updates on registration.

  • Consultations

Existing programs can enhance their offerings by including music. We can meet with schools, teachers, parents and/or therapists and provide music strategies that will be the best fit for your new or existing program.

  • In-service Trainings

Your staff will benefit from our presentations tailored to the needs of your group. Whether the topic is of the power of music, specific inclusion strategies in the music education environment, or team building experiences, everyone will walk away with information that they can immediately apply in their work.

  • Guest Lectures

We are available to speak on a variety of topics for your next conference or event. Jennifer Sokira’s areas of expertise include small business, ethics and Music Therapy & the following populations: people with special needs, Rett syndrome, and those experiencing trauma.

  • Continued Education

We are a registered continued education provider and provide in-person and self study courses. Our online educational website, Music Therapy Book Club, provides an in-depth learning experience based upon current and essential music therapy or related text. Find our grievance policy here.

Please contact us so that we can start to help you nurture creative possibilities.